A true test
of strength
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A new player in the very competitive South African cement market, Cemza Cement is an innovative company that uses advanced technology to create exceptional products. We were asked to come up with a campaign that would build awareness for the brand and highlight the strength and durability of Cemza cements. We created The Cemzaman Challenge - a truly daunting endurance test for Cemzaman, aka Riaan Manser and his Cemzaman Sidekick Johan "Pottie" Potgieter. The two adventurers were required to get from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town (no car, no bus, no train, no plane), a journey of 800kms, in just 7 days, while lugging a 50kg bag of Cemza cement.

The public were invited to suggest challenges, and each day the two adventurers had to choose and complete one epic challenge, with the 50kg cement bag always in tow. The public were able to follow Cemzaman and his Sidekick on social media and watch them abseiling, ziplining, paragliding, paddling and more to reach their destination. At the end of the Challenge, Cemza Cement donated R150 000 to the Sunflower Fund, helping to recruit stem cell donors and save more lives.