Out of the
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Our goal was to enhance Investec's brand equity by providing bespoke, out of the ordinary gifts that inspire a sense of partnership that continues beyond the receipt of the gift.

Investec caters to a wide range of clients and we needed to appeal to all of them. We put them into 4 categories:

- High-net-worth individuals (often older demographic)
- Families (with or without children)
- Young professionals (up and comers)
- Partners ' suppliers and staff (close knit)

Then we set about reflecting the black and white core Investec identity through the power of pattern. We reinforced the 'Investec way' through bespoke branding - a distinctive pattern of stripes with the same varying thickness as the Investec wordmark.

This resulted in a memorable, tailored, personal and extraordinary range of gifting designed to surprise and delight.