Come on,
give it a try!
King Price
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March 2020. South Africa enters a strict Lockdown Level 5 and many people shift to working from home. May 2020, Lockdown Level 4, King Price asks us to launch a new insurance product specifically designed to assist South Africans who are driving less as a result of the pandemic. With only ONE WEEK in which to do this, we set about creating a cut-through 30" TVC.

We started by naming the new King Price Insurance product - Chilli. A name that would stand out against others in the industry and draw attention to a really hot offer. Being in Lockdown meant that we could neither shoot a TVC nor have a cast. So, inspired by Monty Python style graphics, we created an upbeat TVC with a distinctly South African flavour. Animated Gogos, garden gnomes, hadedas, hippos, lions and more rolled across the screen in an engaging way, spelling out the offer boldly. Chilli is a red hot, timely response to a current situation. Come on, give it a try!