Add words
Kingsmead College
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Every year we create a campaign to build hype around the Kingsmead Bookfair. Being a school event, budget is always a consideration. In 2022, Wordle was going viral, not just globally but in SA too. We came up with an innovative way of using this global phenomenon to convert the love of words into the love of books, increase visits to the Kingsmead Bookfair website, and encourage people to expand their vocabularies.

Google trends showed a spike in searches for the Wordle word of the day, which we saw as an opportunity. Google AdWords and SEO would normally only target related words, like 'books' or 'bookfair', but we managed to get our hands on the full list of upcoming Wordle words in advance and made sure that Kingsmead Bookfair was the first result to appear on Google when the Wordle word of the day (often an uncommon word) was searched.

An extension of the 'Google AdWords' idea led to our campaign line - Add words • You can never know too many. The concept translated into an entire campaign, piquing interest, encouraging the search of other unusual 5 letter words, and driving traffic to the Bookfair website.