Calculated ingenuity
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We were asked to rebrand Transaction Capital Risk Services, a company that combines technology, data and analytics competencies to provide a range of digitally enabled business services.

We began with name generation, and inspired by the genius of Sir Isaac Newton, came up with the name Nutun. The full identity programme includes brandmark, external launch video, internal launch video, website, signage, brochure and other collateral. All of these convey the message of a forward thinking, tech advanced, future focused business.

The Nutun brandmark references Newton's third law of motion - showing two objects interacting and applying forces that are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. The N and U form a visual palindrome that can fully rotate and offer different perspectives, with the area between them symbolising the space that enables transformation to take place. This is a reference to the way in which Nutun approaches business projects and delivers solutions.