Student living
South Point
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South Point is the leading provider of student accommodation across major cities in South Africa. Our task was to improve the students' living experience by upgrading the interior environments and visual style. In collaboration with HK Interior Design Studio, we infused the South Point interior environments with bold, basic shapes based on African patterns to create a distinctive, colourful style. This eye-catching, contemporary African design is pulled throughout the interiors evident in the customised communal areas of each building - lobby, entertainment and study - all the way through to primary and wayfinding signage. In doing so we developed three distinct design themes for the interiors, namely "Home", "Urban" and "Hello". The three themes served to ignite each building with a style, energy and culture unique to the South Point brand.
Warm, wooden textures evoke a sense of history, comfort and belonging. Bespoke wallpapers with 'bookshelf', 'library' and 'puzzle' themes were created for various areas. Modular furniture and herringbone tiling create a 'home away from home'.
Inspired by South African street art and young design, this youthful industrial space celebrates city living. Bold, bespoke, graffiti-style wallpaper features iconic South African images while modular furniture and urban textures add contemporary comfort.
A colourful, vibrant style that portrays 'arrival'. Bespoke wallpaper with huge typographic location-specific city maps provides a rich visual tapestry. The HELLO signage captures the arrival experience and complements the finishes.
A coherent brand-aligned visual style is evident in every detail. Comfort and versatility were factored in and every touch point is carefully considered, customised, durable, purposeful and modular.