Small loan
Big change
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Boodle is an innovative online lending platform that facilitates positive outcomes by providing instant cash to enhance lifestyle. Our task was to breathe new life into the brand. We leveraged the positivity that Boodle owns and reinvented the brand's look and feel by creating a unique logotype. We evolved the colour palette to a bright, passionate red, updated the typography and developed a vibrant, contemporary photographic style.

We designed a website that is cleaner, easier to understand and navigate, and more appealing to the target market. Since Boodle's super fast loans put a smile on the face of the consumer, we represented this with a bespoke 'Smile Dial' device. We developed Boo, the avatar that guides consumers through the loan process, directly from the logotype. The reinvention of the brand resulted in an easier, faster, more enjoyable way for customers to get and manage their Boodle.