on purpose
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Using advanced analytics, Contexis unlocks human potential to improve organisational performance. It's all about accurately measuring, understanding, and predicting results. Contexis was in need of a rebrand that would shift it from conservative and staid to contemporary and edgy. The world in which the company operates is fluid and dynamic and the brandmark echoes this by reflecting data points, people, and the ripple effect of business decisions.

In designing the website, stationery, presentation and reporting collateral, we gave the brand a credible, clear, confident tone of voice and a visual language that speaks to constant change. Contexis conducts 'temperature' checks and 'heat mapping' across organisations, and this inspired the colour palette. We used green-blue cool tones for the data driven side of the business - and warm red-pink tones for the human side. Holographic foils were used in print to represent the colour spectrum.