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Enviro Loo
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The Enviro Loo is a waterless, on-site, dry sanitation toilet system that functions without water or chemicals. It is designed for the benefit of all communities, and can be installed almost anywhere. It is an effective-solution to the numerous sanitation challenges facing the world.

In support of raising awareness for the global sanitation crisis, Enviro Loo proudly presents 'Not Kak Ideas' with Shadrack & Gary.

The idea behind 'Not Kak Ideas' was to use the inherent 'awkwardness' associated with sanitation in a fun and cheeky approach to help educate the general public on the role Enviro Loo serves in tackling the global sanitation crisis.

Rather than shying away from the topic, Enviro Loo proudly manages people's waste and happily positions itself as the 'Best Kak Idea' out there.