The North
Island way
North Island
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North Island Seychelles serves as the epitome of "barefoot" luxury, aimed at providing the best privacy, location, accommodation, services and facilities. An entirely rare experience, offering the guest an encounter that inspires them long after they have left the Island.

The overall task was to reinvigorate the North Island brand by positioning the island as the world's leading luxury destination.

The rarity of the North Island experience allows for high points of difference by adopting a unique 'rough and smooth' delivery concept. The concept has truly differentiated the North Island offering and has demonstrated the potential of the brand.

In support of the 'rough and smooth' concept we developed a style that highlighted the contrast of day and night, and the change experienced as the Island breathes. In exploring this unique region, a bespoke pattern was also designed - The Circle of Life on North - highlighting the unique ecosystem found on the island. The graphic language pays tribute to North Island's success in rehabilitating the ecosystem and the flora and fauna that make North Island what it is today. The ultimate private island experience.