land and life
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In the vastness of space floats a delicate, blue-green bubble - planet Earth. Its life-supporting environment is worth preserving... and that's where Interwaste comes in. Through effective waste recovery and recycling, Interwaste works to ensure a sustainable future for all.

We were tasked with refreshing the brand and taking it into a more contemporary space. We started by simplifying the wordmark, removing the rose icon. Then we developed a visual language using views through a microscope of the shapes and patterns of various waste items such as plastic, aluminium and wood. Waste forms took on simple geometric shapes and were overlayed on a matrix. We created iconography based on single-line execution that speaks to the idea of undergoing a process of refinement. We added accent colours to compliment the brand's primary colour of navy blue.

The brand was effectively brought to life by impactful visual communication that transmits its core purpose of serving land and life.