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South Point
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We were tasked with reinventing a commercial building located in the epicenter of Braamfontein, Johannesburg. The building was outdated in appearance and lacked a distinctive identity. Inspired by the corner location of the building (corner of Melle Street and De Korte Street), we devised a contemporary design solution. Originally named Heerengracht, we chose to bring the South Point brand more into focus by renaming the building South Point Corner. Corner was shortened to CNR, a modern and appealing name that needed an equally contemporary brandmark - this was activated by the mesh-like appearance of interlinking streets in the area when seen from an aerial viewpoint.

Every space, interior and exterior, was given new life - a bold, fresh appearance with a clean, mint colour palette. The end result is an inviting, modern workspace - a CNR where people can share, grow, create and be productive.