A place like
no other
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Miavana is an exclusive and exotic eco sanctuary located on Nosy Ankao, off the Madagascan mainland. With its pristine beaches, elegant villas and extraordinary wildlife, Miavana is a private and unique paradise.

We developed every aspect of the brand identity, from strategic brand positioning to name generation of locations and streets in Miavana Village. Inspired by the unique biodiversity of Madagascar and Miavana, we developed a logotype that reflects the repetitive patterns found in nature.

The lush forests, earthy landscapes and dazzling white beaches of the area are reflected in a colour palette of Celeste green, bronze, copper and white, while the island's French cultural influence is represented in the Breton Stripe pattern.

Every touchpoint - menus, brochures, signage, stationery, toiletries, matchboxes, tissue paper, wildlife guides, helicopter and boat branding - is designed to echo the rarity and splendour of Miavana.

Mandala patterns featuring bespoke illustrations form part of the brand language, while collector's pieces of Ardmore ceramics depicting the flora and fauna of the island, and custom-made Granadilla swimwear convey the high-end luxury of Miavana.