Ending hunger,
healing hearts
Soul Provider Trust
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The Soul Provider Trust is a non-profit organisation that is active in various areas. Their Soul Food project feeds the hungry - collecting surplus food from farms, hotels, restaurants and major supermarkets and distributing it to schools, orphanages, pensioners, abused women shelters, the sick and terminally ill. Soul Leadership funds tertiary education for selected students, and Soul Fuel sources and supplies surplus food that is not fit for human consumption to Biogas plants for conversion into renewable energy.

We created a visual identity using an illustrated halo to represent the orgnisation's many acts of kindness. The white halo and the word Soul in black are common features across all the brandmarks, while the halo becomes an integral element of each project visual. Soul Food shows the halo as part of a dish containing steaming food. The mother brand, Soul Provider, shows a sparkling halo, Soul Leadership has the halo as the rim of a graduation mortarboard, and Soul Fuel has the halo as the key ingredient in a chemical process. Collateral includes iconography, packaging, vehicle livery, a website home page and posters.